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We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to understand your unique needs, challenges, and goals to provide personalized and customized financial solutions that align with your vision. Your success is our priority.

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Experience the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 support from Safir mehr. Whenever you need assistance, trust us to be there for you with reliable, responsive, and expert support that goes the extra mile. Believe in proactive communication.


Every detail of our products is crafted with precision, embodying a commitment to quality that is evident in its materials, and construction. We prioritize excellence in every aspect. A high quality and customized product.

About Us

Where Your Dreams Are Built

We, Safir Mehr Petrokimya, are a reliable and committed trading company with experienced personnel in the field of supplying and exporting petrochemical raw materials (polymers and chemicals) and petroleum derivatives. We have direct relationships with all petrochemical companies in Iran and serve as their sales representative. This enables us to meet our customers' demands by participating in tenders and ensuring a constant supply of requested products. In terms of logistics, we maintain strong and continuous partnerships with numerous sea and land transportation companies. This allows us to support our customers by delivering cargo with different Incoterms, tailored to their specific requirements. When it comes to financial services, we have business partners in various countries. These partnerships enable us to provide customers with convenient payment options, including payment in dollars, euros, dirhams, and even digital currencies. To ensure a worry-free shopping experience, we prioritize the supply of quality raw materials and utilize fast and secure transportation methods. Our colleagues in the petrochemical industry supervise the transportation process, providing an extra layer of quality assurance. We are with you every step of the way, from initial financial transactions to final delivery. Additionally, we have an independent factory specializing in plastic materials recycling. Our knowledgeable team is capable of producing recycled raw materials with quality compounds that exhibit physical and mechanical properties similar to virgin raw materials. We offer services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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Main Product Categories

  • Polymers
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers
  • Nylon Products

Contact information

  • Email: Info@Safirmehr.com
  • Whatsapp: +98 996 496 6373
  • Phone: +98 41 3478 4479
  • Fax: +98 41 3476 2013
  • Yakuplu Mah. Hürriyet Bulvarı. ÇUHADAROĞLU HOLDING Diş Kapı No: 1 iç kapı No: 151 Beylikdüzü / İSTANBUL
  • Unit. 11 Rad Building Between Abureyhan &  Hakim Nezami Intersections; Azadi St. Tabriz.Iran
  • (+98) 996 496 6373
  • (+98) 41 3478 4479
  • Info@Safirmehr.com